1001 Activities Book PDF Free Download

Download 1001 Activities Book in PDF format. Download this fun activity book for kids. One of the best activity books ever sold. 1001 Activities Book pdf download.

1001 Activities Book PDF Free Download

1001 activities book by dreamland publications

There are 260 full size A4 pages printed on both sides of the book. There are four activities that can be solved by a 3 to 7 year old. My son was able to work on most of the activities. The Dreamlands365 activities series consists of math, science, and English in one book. The last few activities from each book are missing in this version. It’s good for people who want one book instead of 3.

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1001 activities book pdf

1001 activities book pdf download

There are child-friendly activities in the book that will encourage independent learning, stimulating the brain, inspire creativity, and develop fine motor skills. The book is suitable for young learners and has a wide variety of activities. The activities were attractive. My kids put pressure on the pages while working in it and it didn’t tear or come out easily. Some of the activities are coloring, drawing, matching, find the way, join the dots, addition, subtraction, fill in the blanks, odd man out, crosswords, counting, animals and birds based activity, odd even, jumble, sequence completion, English etc. It’s trivial to compare the quality of the activities the book has covered so far, but I have a concern that the cover page of the book has been cut, which I have fixed. My humble request to Amazon is that you always prioritize the quality delivery of products to your customers, but sometimes there are flaws which customer should highlight to you more improvement on your side to take necessary measure for next shipment and delivery of your customers should go to their hands flawless.

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