Hooded Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern

Download and print the hooded triangle scarf crochet pattern. Knit your own scarf. Free Hooded triangle scarf crochet pattern pdf. We explained in detail how to knit this scarf and what materials are needed.

Hooded Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern PDF

Hooded Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern PDF

The eight rounds describe how the texture is created. The right side is facing when working odd-numbered rounds and the wrong side is facing when working even-numbered rounds. In order to avoid a gap where rounds are joined in the back, the turning chain is not counted as a stitch in all rounds. The first stitch in each round is the same as the turning chain in the first two rounds. I like to place a marker in the first stitch so that I remember where to join at the end of the round. To make sure the scarf section will drape over the shoulders instead of just in the front, it is important to measure it as shown below. The measurement around the shoulders of the wearer should be at least a couple inches larger. To keep the total number of chains multiple of 4, increase or decrease the length of your starting chain.

Before you begin the front increase in the scarf section, you should adjust the number of rounds worked. To adjust the size of the scarf section, and whether or not it drapes over the shoulders or just drapes in front, adjust the number of rounds worked before you finish. If you make this pattern larger than the garment shown, you may need more yarn. Beautiful pattern, clear instructions. It would be simpler if the pattern was in PDF. Magic circle, chain, Half double crochet, Double crochet, BLO/back loop only.

Hooded Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern PDF

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